Sunday, 19 June 2011

Top 50 hangover, SEF equals tequila

Thank God I have Monday off work because I have a top 50 hangover right now. One of those where suicide is a realistic option... oh the pain. I`ll survive as Gloria once said. The cause of this almighty hangover??


Ah man I have so little memory of the night. One minute I was sipping tequila cocktails and the next I woke up on the floor at Roppongi crossing, no wallet, no ipod, no glasses, no money, no memory. But after talking to people I have pieced together what happened like a detective!

Ok so remember it`s my Birthday on Thursday so yesterday marked the start of my Birthday week, and I have Monday off work, so I knew SEF would get messy. But it started off so well. I met Heather and guest gaijin para star Kevin, aka Mr Techpara from France. We hit the sushi and beers in yoyogi park before meeting up with Jasmine and heading to SEF. It was great as ever, good songs, good dancing, good people. By the way, Kevin is a better dancer in person than on his videos, which is awesome seeing as his videos are great...

Techno people like Yoshi and Keihei were coming up to me asking who my friend is and `wow he`s awesome`. If Kevin lived here I have no doubt he`d be dancing with Ryuichi and Yoshi on the Starfire DVDS. It`s nice not being the best gaijin techno dancer in Japan anymore XD

But I digress, where was I?

Ah yeah, all was going well, two drinks down and the lessons started, then.....


I woke up at Roppongi Crossing all my possessions gone, feeling like crap, my shirt ripped, wax all over my shorts, an earring in my shoe and no money in my pocket. What the hell??? So according to others I chundered at SEF and had to be carried out by Kenya.... Thank you Kenya! Heather took all my stuff for safe keeping at least. When I got my senses I decided to get a taxi home seeing I have money at home.

I`m such a dickhead sometimes, I really wish this would stop happening, it`s not like I planned to get really drunk or anything. I also really REALLY friends would stop leaving me for dead on the streets. I know I must be a handful when I`m drunk but I would never ever leave people I care for on the streets like that. It`s not much to ask to have your friends look after you now and again is it? No worries this time, but you know... next person that does that... don`t expect to ever speak to me again.... just saying.

Anyway it`s awesome to have another gaijin in Tokyo thats super into para like I am. I have Heather and Jasmine sure, but they might go to 1 out of 5 events I go to. And nice to have a guy around! Just need Alex to get his ass over here and we`d have the best gaijin para team ever.

Anyway, day off work today. Disco 90s tomorrow and B-1 Dynamite on Wednesday, I fear for my liver and glasses there where I can`t escape the tequila. Maybe my birthday wish should be don`t get me drunk, let me dance!!!! Friday I`m having a Birthday house party bonanza at my place. I have a huge house, a pro dj setup in the living room, so it should be awesome. I`m seeing if Banchou or Daisuke wanna DJ My own personal Starfire XD

Saturday of course is Starfire where it`ll be mine, Kee-tan and Ryohei`s birthday. Nothing good can come from this!!!

Oh yeah, the lessons at SEF Deluxe.... I have no memory but Kevin uploaded the techno to youtube and I`ll get the euro asap for you para freaks.

Monday, 13 June 2011


Oh Mondays how you bore me so very much.

So let`s call those top ten song lists, newer songs top ten, huh? So how about about stuff? Well lets do a `off the top of my head top ten list for post Para Para Paradise songs that are always ALWAYS played in the clubs. I`d call this era of para 3rd boom and the last two years songs (or maybe a bit more) 3.5 boom. The general opinion of para people in japan is there was no 4th boom, maybe one day. I know how us westerners love to call all the recent stuff 4th boom.

Ah wait... who cares... boring...

3rd Boom Club Hit List!

Let the Rain
looka Boomba
Like a Fire
Shock Out
Love is the Name of Love
Time For a Miracle
Can Can World
Yes I will
Final Destination
Gas Gas Gas
original Sin
Beautiful Day
Sex (Max) Crime
Super Rider

Get the idea??

ParaPara Paradise Hit List

Dance and Party
Want to be Your Emotion
24 Hours a Day
Kingdom of Rock
shadows in the Night
Play the Music
Hot Vampire
Dance in the Fire
Kiss Me Kiss Me Babe
Night Clubbin
Big Brother
Lucky Tango
Express Love
Fight Fore Your Empire <3 Power Gun Easy Techno `Always played God These Songs Bore Me` Hit List!

Esto Es La Vida (or whatever)
Techno Shock
Fly Me So High (kill me now this is one boring ass routine)
Tokyo Go!
Made In New York
Just Play The Music
So What!
Hyper techno Mission
Kams Quest?
Bandido.... BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TRF songs...
Move Songs
I hate these
Everythings Gonna Be Alright
Babe You Got The Key
El Diablo
So High
You Just Want Sex

These routines feel like I`m just going through the motions when they come on, and at B-1 everyweek there is always a set of these bullshit bastards. I`d love to just sit down and give them a miss but my body can`t refuse the para...

Songs that are regularly played that you wouldn`t think are popular hit list...

Let`s Turn It Up
Radio Tokyo
Baby Blue
Raining In My Heart
Dream Of You
Body To Body
Let The Rain
Fire On The Beat
Vision Of Paradise
Kingo Kingo Beat

Ok I`ll stop there... hope these interest someone out there. I`m thinking I might start filming at least one popular but somewhat obscure club routine every week so everyone else can learn them. Good idea? Maybe I`ll get a guest para star each week to join me XD

Sunday, 12 June 2011


It`s been one of those rare no para weekends in Tokyo. Or rather as always is the way, I have nothing going on for 99% of the week, everyone is busy and the one day people want to do something is the only day filled with para events in Tokyo. Alas today (Sunday) is para free and people free, boring days.

B-1 Dynamite last Wednesday, awesome as ever, not that many people there but fun fun fun. The lesson was Like a Child by E-Type again, a routine that`s really growing on me, I`ll have to learn it before Wednesday fo sho. Ryuichi said he forgot the routine and relearned it from my youtube video. Funny! I`ll have to watch what I say when I film the lessons now I know people from the clubs watch them....

Nobody found my top 10 euro dancers ranking interesting? Maybe it was a bit pointless if you don`t actually go the clubs here.... Maybe an all time greatest para dancers ranking would be more interesting huh? Hit me with yours people! I am so doing a ranking of international paralists. Oh the hate it would cause.... Oh and I can`t believe I forgot Hitoshi from Starfire, he is without a doubt in my top 5.

Another thing I`ve been meaning to start is a monthly song ranking. As in what songs are popular in the para clubs in Tokyo at the minute. So here is the euro and techno top 10 tunes for May:

Euro rankings

1 - Samurai Blue
2 - New Horizon
3 - I Won`t Fall Apart
4 - Because of You
5 - 1,2,3,4 Fire
6 - Baby Come Back to Me
7 - Let the Rain
8 - Eldorado
9 - Passport to Dance
10 - Yes I Will

Techno rankings

1 - Hellworld
2 - Midnight
3 - Dragon
4 - Virgin
5 - Will I See You Again
6 - Future
7 - Just Like a Gun
8 - Stay You World
9 - Arrancar??
10 - Killer

These rankings are so not official in any way and totally off the top of my head thinking back over the last month of para in Tokyo. And remember the only regular club now B-1 Dynamite so the tastes of the DJ`s there shape this a hell of a lot...

Here at long last is the 9loveJ DVD from May:

Kiwami Euro Best

Enjoy and share share share! If anyone has any tips for DVD ripping please hit me up. I use isofter and get the custom settings the best I can, but it never comes out perfect and the opening always comes at the end for some reason... help?

I`m off for a big Jubeat session in Nakano, today is the day Air Raid falls!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011


Well it`s 3:30am on a Saturday morning, I`m drunk, the wine, the champagne, the rum, the beer, it`s all good.

Life it`s a bollock isn`t it. I love it and angst in equal measures. Maybe, I`m sure I love it more than not. Yeah I love it but I do long for more, don`t we all? Yeah we do but so do I but I don`t. What do I want? Who knows? Do I? No not really. I have no idea. Career is beautiful, love it, fuck me I love it, so much I wish it was Monday tomorrrow not Sunday. It`s done, it`s sorted, just more people are needed I guess, but then I have people so don`t be greedy. BASTARD!!!! Don`t do it, no need.



I don`t know, someone to share those simple things withs. Samurai Blue? yep. Came on but who is complaining? Not me. Why? Kicking up the light? Wish there was para tomorrow, but alas not so bread and jubeat is on, call it off? Well maybe. Bloody hell it`s all just wasting time isn`t it? Life????? Wasting time. Constantly wasting time waiting for something more but what???? I feel my life wasting away the big thing on the horizon, the visa, get it anfd then what? Dreams comne true of course, no doubt, no doubt indeed. What then??? Visions of something. But what????

Horizons.... of course that was done of course.... of course. What next? Something? Nothing? Not nothing, never nothing, I strive for everything, but something? Yes. it must be. But what???? WHAT??????? Who can say??? I can. Surely. I am the one in control of things. Lets get to it. NOW!!!!!!!!!! WOAH!!!!! Get on it, be pro active, no doubt about it, it comes to those who wait.


Yes of course

I hate this blog system, strangers reading, I don`t know you, do you know me? NO of course not, rubbish I don`ty think this is a viable option. Getting drunker,,,, is that a word? Doubtful. But who cares.....

Leave this for a minute and take some rum....

tap tap enter enter

A message, someone needs my words..... pointless drivel.....

The options???? More booze, more booze, more booze, or passout, or more booze in the school beer garden. It all equals brilliant whatvever. But wait, the toilet calls, I will return, I`m on a ro,ll and I can`t ruin a golden gonzo moment. GONZO??? More like MAKKUSU,,,,, right. What a twat.

Just a second...


End... not really, feeling more alive. FUCK!!!!! It must end, it will. Be back....

i hate to try and be Gonzo, the great man I am not, my drunken self only brings out these words and nothing more, what more do you want????

FUCK FUCK FUCK..... I miss england right now but then again not, I miss a few people. Would love it to see them but it`s here where the life is, life is right here, you can`t deny, are you a fool??? Walk through those streets of Koenji, alive with the sights and sounds of my life, everything I love right here in one small district, done, in, perfect, fuck, love it.

It calls to me with a pulse, a heart beat that says my name, my place is right here, no doubt about that. Now? Wine calls my name, wine in a paper cup, classy it is not but I never claimed I was. Perfect more like. Then what? More rum? or passout? well I can`t decide that, not for me.

Those smells of Japan, of Koenji. I love it, you`d love it too. Fuck my life the smell of my school, of my life. fantastic.

Ah shit light is showing over the horizon, it tells me to stop but I must go on. Fuck I`m getting sober and I feel like drinking until I passout. This can only mean downing what is left of my wine and moving outdoiors to the rum. I hear birds, the dawn is coming, I wonder if anyone knows I`m in my schoiol at 4am,,,,, fuck me what am J doing????

I miss ginger people.... and stoners...

Must go and do something the dawn is getting stronger,

Monday, 6 June 2011

Tokyo Top 10 Euro Dancers Ranking

This is just a bit of fun, something I`ve been meaning to do. Please remember this is just my opinion.


1 - Kee-tan *Stafire*
2 - Uga *SEF Deluxe*
3 - Harumi *Stafire*
4 - Ryohei *Starfire*
5 - Innochi *Starfire*
6 - Sattomi *Starfire*
7 - Saki *9loveJ*
8 - Take *Starfire*
9 - Manami *SEF Deluxe*
10 - Kaori? *Magical Rave*

18 - Max XD

Zero thought in that. What are other people`s top 10 or 5?

I should do a international ranking, oh the dramas that would cause!


Still haven`t uploaded that 9loveJ DVD, what a dickhead!! Sorry about that, I`m having to use the school computer for any internet needs, but will get it uploaded tomorrow. It`s really not that good anyway...

Lot`s of parapara has happened in the past week or so. We had 9loveJ, Starfire, Chiba Rave, Magical rave, and of course a couple of B-1 Dynamites and even a Disco 90s. Phew, that`s a lot of para!

9loveJ was the first one this year I think, or at least the first I`ve been to. The last one was meant to be in March but mother nature fucked that up. Ah 9loveJ and your poor playlist, it inevitably turns into one big drunken party with not a lot of actual dancing going. Some of the Starfire crew came along and were drunk drunk DRUNK before they even got there, I don`t think they lasted long. Certain people *cough* Kee-tan *cough* were falling into the dj booth lol and celebrating a birthday that isn`t until next month. Classic!

Memories of food fights and Jasmine chundering on herself. Classy days! There were a lot of people there though, so I hope they hold it next month as well.

The lesson was Aitakatta by AKB48 of course. Well everyone knows I`m a massive AKB fan and yes I did cream my pants. Average routine but who cares it`s AKB! Anyway you can see that and all the recent lessons on my youtube channel as ever:

Starfire was the very next day. BRUTAL!!! As always an awesome night, as good as parapara get`s in Japan. They had the now monthly tequila challenge on stage, five people, a glass of tequila each, fastest one to down it wins.... who knows. I don`t think anyone wins, maybe a free month of Starfire lol. GREAT! I took part in this months challenge though... I got busted for drinking to early so Bancho poured me even more, no way could I drink that much so I just took the full glass for drinking games with everyone else. SMART!!

It`s so awesome when it`s me, Jasmine and T-Rexx dancing at the front of the stage together and it`s just normal. YES!!

B-1 Dynamite last week was pretty sweet. There`s two rooms at Roppongi Forum, usually they have main euro and techno on the main floor and maniac or oldies in the other room. Last week was techno only in the smaller room, so I spent a lot of time in there. DJ Backie played loads of good stuff from all the clubs, I was in my element!

Chiba Rave on Friday was a Starfire DVD release night, that would be the DVD I`m on if you didn`t know XD Weird having your own video playing on the screens. Pretty crap night, not many people there and they played way to much old crap. Man I HATE HATE HATE old euro and techno now. I hope next month is better.

Magical Rave, me and Jasmine were already very drunk from a free bar in the afternoon at the Swedish Embassy, dirty times. Was an average Magical Rave, they played some good stuff but way to much average stuff.

What do I consider average stuff? Songs like God Knows, Para Girl, you know those routines that just aren`t that much fun anymore. Fun routines for me would be stuff like Let the Rain, Legendary Heart, Baby Come Back, Sex Skiller etc Just stuff that makes you really happy to dance. But I guess it`s different for everyone.

You know I hate to say it but isn`t the para scene in Japan full of weirdo`s. I do laugh sometimes when I look at the dancefloor and it`s full of such strange people. Of course I`m one to talk... weirdo number one. But I wonder why parapara attracts such axe murderers... I guess it`s just the whole otaku anime and gaming connection, and the fact to a lot of people parapara is more about collecting routines like collecting Yu Gi Oh cards.

Anyway it`s hot as a mother fucker, summer is starting to hit Tokyo hard so it`s time for an ice cream.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Thundersome bye bye and other ranting/musing

Ok FINALLY settled in at my new place, I guess I better explain what happen. It`s been a bit of a roller coaster couple of weeks.

The short story of it is one of my housemates did a bit of a cunt move on me and Jasmine, she emailed us both to say she`d moved out, but with only a weeks notice until the next rent was due. Total cunt move because it was quite obvious me and Jasmine couldn`t afford that extra massive chunk of rent within a week. So after a lot of panic and calming down and panicking again we made a decision, we would leave the Thunderdome.


So Jasmine left for Chiba and I made arrangements to move into the almost empty house my school owns. There`s many ups and downs to this move. Living in a massive family house is a major plus, my god is it nice to have space again. Living almost in the school is awesome, leave late, take an after nap... it`s all good. The downside`s are most definitely living on my own, I really miss coming home to people and being able to tell someone about my day. Alas I don`t have that, and it`s back to the days of going days without talking to anyone over the age of 6. Boooo!!

It`s totally the end of an era though. The Thunderdome was such a fun time, I`ll never forget it. It was the longest I have lived in one place away from my family home, and leaving Jasmine is almost leaving my wife, we`ve had such a cosy living situation for what seems like forever.

But ah well, cunt move is done and we all move on. It has really made me realize I need more friends in Tokyo, I don`t what it is about Tokyo but I don`t have a trouble making casual acquaintances, but turning them into people that actually want to hangout is a difficult thing. It`s weird because I always seem to be pretty liked wherever I go, but getting someone to give me their phone number to actually do something another time, like pulling teeth.

That`s the one major downside working at an all Japanese school, I can`t really be friends with the other teachers. I don`t think they would want to be anyway, they barely say two words to me in a week as it is.

Jerry Seinfeld put it perfectly when he said `people are impossible to meet. They`re all around us everyday, we can`t get away from them, yet we can`t meet any of them. UNMEETABLE!!`

Very true.

I do long for a companion I have to say, a WOMAN... I could fall in love with a guy or girl, of course, but a guy equals no kids. But yes, I have lately, as in god knows how long yearned for a girlfriend. Again, I`m a liked guy, I`m funny, interesting (I hope), but this leads to not a crumb of success when it comes to women. Hanami a month or so ago got me texting with a girl, but she stopped replying, alas that`s the closest thing I`ve ever come to dating or anything like that. I would just love someone to share things with, that`s all.

My advert to the world:

Wanted: WOMAN.... must have a pulse, must be happy. That`s it.

I don`t know this is just constantly on my mind, I mean I`ll be turning 31 next month, I think I`ve been alone long enough. I guess my Mum grilling me about all this on the phone the other really made me a bit sad. She asked me don`t I think about having a girlfriend, and for the first time ever I told her yeah I do, I just can`t seem to do it right. One is a lonely boy.

But hey I`m not complaining, I never would, life is pretty awesome.

Thank god for drunken prostitute adventures I won`t die a virgin...


Tomorrow, 9J DVD, weekend para report.
Soon, top 10 rankings of Tokyo euro and techno dancers, top 10 rankings of euro and techno in the Tokyo clubs at the minute. Gonna start doing that every week.