Monday, 7 May 2012

The Only Downer In An Otherwise Great Life

I've been feeling down about my constant lack of a girlfriend, more than ever recently. Probably because I've been quizzed about it a lot and many people can see straight through me. No I've never had a girlfriend in Japan. No I've never had a girlfriend anywhere anytime. I've never so much as kissed a girl or come close. Then the next inevitable question that follows, is there something wrong with me? I don't think so, maybe. I've just always been clueless when it comes to girls. But even the most clueless guys have some luck by the time they hit my age, 32 next month. What would you do if you were in my position? I'd love to get married and have kids, but that's not exactly a reality. It's getting mega depressing when people ask me about it, or likewise when people don't ask because they don't think of me in the same way as nearly everyone else on the planet. What's a boy to do, I really am clueless when it comes to girls.

Friday, 4 May 2012


So it finally happened, I returned home to Tokyo after a six month exile in England. But six months is a small price to pay to secure your future, and that's what I've done, I've got the job I want in the bag and all my money problems are far behind me. Money is such a bag of shit, you just want enough so you can do what you want and not worry, which I can and also save a good chunk for the future. Thumbs up! My flight back was uneventful until I came to immigration at Haneda. My name was obviously red flagged on the system, and even though I had a valid work visa I was still asked to wait in a small room, where I waited for 20 agonizing minutes before being told all is good. To say I was happy to out in airport arrivals is an understatement! And here I am back at home, and it's like I've never been away. The day I came back I went out for a quiet beer with a few friends, but it ended up being a big group and a dirty allnighter. Right back on the horse. I love my life in Koenji so much and feel pretty damn lucky to have this awesome group of drunk dickhead mates around me.   Going back to work has been amazing, first meeting the new years kids who are awesome, and then the kids who I'd left started the new year. I'm so happy that they were as happy to see me as I was to see them. It's been like half of my soul was missing when I was away, they mean the world to me, more than the world, I couldn't live without them. So yeah, nice to be back. There's been para, adventures, road trips, romance.... Ok no romance. But basically everything is just as I left it but even better, and I will never ever take it for granted! I filmed the next Starfire DVD which will be out at the next Starfire. I was really happy with this one, for the first time I danced like I do normally and wasn't a bit nervous, think I've got the hang of this filming thing now, call me a pro ;) I feel like a para celeb in the clubs since I've come back. Comments like 'where were you on the last DVD I was looking forward to seeing you'. And 'your my Parapara idol', from random people I've never met. What a joke. But yeah, I'm awesome. Loads of adventures I could write about but I'll start after the weekend which will be filled with balls out onsen's and matsuri's.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Dance Nears It's End

Well I'm still here in sunny old England, being as patient as anyone has ever been, waiting for that golden ticket to go back home Tokyo.

It's been a nightmare five months since I left Tokyo and my lawyer submitted the second work visa application. After many many twists and turns, including of course a failed trip back, it looks like next week my lawyer will receive the final decision through the post. I can't say if I'm confident or not. On one hand we have done everything they asked and been assured they shouldn't be any problems, but on the other hand I'm just not that damn lucky.

To say it would be like a dream to return would be an understatement. The fact that I'm falling deeper into debt here in England, and life is going further and further downhill means the work visa would fix everything instantly. I'd go from struggling to eat and owing money, to having my fantastic job back with not a worry in the world. Not to mention the other aspects of life would return, like having a social life. I don't really don't do anything or see anyone here in Leicester. I'm pretty much a hermit who ventures out only to the park to read. But I don't care about that, my life isn't here.

So what happens if I get the big bad no from immigration? Well hopefully my work will still stick with me, obviously I have a plan B to Z, but it'd mean more waiting and more money I don't have. To think how much I've spent on visa runs and lawyer fees, I'm wiped out about now. So if I get the no, well I'd have a month until I could enter japan as a tourist with no issues from immigration, which would mean a minimum of three months and a maximum of six. This would at least allow me to get back on my feet financially, and to go with visa plan B which wouldn't take very long and I doubt I'd have a problem doing.

If all that failed? I'd have to return to England, get a job and a life and forget Japan, at least for two years. I'd pay off my student debts, which stand at £1600, at least those that would stop me getting further student finance, and then I'd plug away for two years in London and finish my degree. But of course I pray it doesn't come to that.

So it all comes to a head this week, as always I  shall pray it all comes good.

Monday, 30 January 2012


This could well be the week I've been waiting what seems like forever for. This is the week I'm due to get a decision on my visa from Japanese immigration. I'm pretty confident in it being a positive outcome. Myself, my lawyer and my school have made sure we hit all the points immigration are looking for, really they have no actual reason to turn me down, only the 'just because' reason. Damn that would be harsh. But yeah, it looks good, they asked my school for one last bit of information two weeks ago after nearly three months of processing. Got to be a good sign. So fingers, toes, and bollocks crossed they do the right thing, and then it's just a matter of the certificate of eligibility being sent to England followed by a short trip to London to get the visa in my passport. The second that's done I am out of here!

It feels like forever since I was getting on with my life in japan. I had no plans to be away for three months I can tell you that. The hardest thing has been not getting to comfortable here, the reason why I haven't got a job or made much of any effort to see friends here. I know that's a bit stupid, but I wanted to keep my eyes on the prize. My place is not here, I have remind myself sometimes. Of course when I've been at the football recently and shopping at those familiar local shops it sometimes does feel all too comfortable. But the second I hear from immigration I'll forget that feeling and 'real' life will come flooding back into that scrap of meat I call a brain.

After the whole Narita disaster I  fell into really deep depression until just after new years, it wasn't until January 4th (yeah I know the exact date) that I dusted myself off and thought "well if I've got another month minimum to wait I might as well do something productive". So I decided to do two things, firstly get serious about my disgusting fat body, and secondly work really hard on my Japanese because it was a bit of a joke. To be fair it was ok, but most people I know in japan are somewhat fluent through school everyday, or they are making the effort to get there. If there's one big change in my thinking this year, it's to think if that person can do it, so can I. No excuses. This is a year to stop being a pussy and take what I want! I actually started thinking like that after watching the film 'Limitless'. You know where he takes the pill and his brain starts functioning at full capacity, and he thinks 'how did I live like that'? Well I'm not saying that inspired me in anyway, but that's how I'm thinking now. If some people can have a body like that, why can't I? If people I know cab be fluent in a language through hard work, what's stopping me? Nothing that's what!

So my goals are, and I will not fail:

Body like Ryan Gosling and Rafael Nadal
Be on the road to fluency in Japanese by the time I return. This means finishing book 2 of Japanese For Busy People, and have the top 1000 most frequently used words locked down.

No excuses, no problem!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sexy Body Here I Come!!

So being fat huh? What's that all about? I can honestly say I have beaten the bulge and changed to a completely healthy lifestyle. All those times I tried briefly to eat right or do fad diets, what was I thinking?? I know what I was thinking, I wanted a quick easy way to get slim and I wasn't at all dedicated  or realistic.

What's changed then?

The simple fact that I know what I'm doing now, and when you do it all properly it works. You lose weight, fat, and put on muscle, all at a very steady pace, and you know what? It's actually really easy and fun. At least I think it is.

It all comes down to such an easy set of rules.

1: Eating a calorie deficit of what your body needs for daily maintenance.

2: Nutrition nutrition and nutrition. Not being lazy and eating processed crap. Eggs, meat, fish, fruit, veg, it's not hard to do, and you know what? It actually tastes better.

3: Exercise done in a correct and structured way. For me that's cardio Monday-Friday for 40 minutes, and full body weight training 3 times a week.

Doing these three things combined I've become a fat burning monster. It's taken a lot of dedication, but it's not that difficult once you get into the swing of it. The thing I'm finding the most difficult is trying not to work myself to much. Resting is just as important as training.

My end goal? I want a body like Ryan Gosling. Unattainable? I don't think so. I think anyone can do it doing the right things.

My current stats:

Started the new life style on January 4th.

Today: January 29th

Now: 87.4kg Was: 92.1kg
Waist: 38" Was: 41"

My ulitmate ideal weight is somewhere around 80kg, but I know that will take care of itself as my upper body gets more toned and that fat continues to blast off.

Yeah, so basically I've cracked that little part of life. Just gotta keep doing what I'm doing and be patient.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

No diet, just doing the right thing!

So I've been blasting my body into shape the past 3 weeks or so and it's going really well, so I thought I'd write about what I've been doing.

Let me say, I've always been bothered about my weight since I hit my twenties. Never really fat or big, but always a bit of a belly and man boobs. Good I hate man boobs. After the Tokyo ordeal around a month ago I was so depressed I just started stuffing my face with chocolate and god knows what. A couple of days later I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked like a disgusting fat pig, and with nothing but free time on my hands it was time to do something about it, no excuses, let's fire this body into the best shape its ever been in and surprise everyone once I'm back in Japan.

So for the first two weeks or so I did what I've done a million times before, the thing that never works in the long term, I went on a diet. TO be fair I was really good, I cut what I eat right down, because when I don't care I eat enough for five people. Along with that I started dancing again after being to depressed to do it for a long time. But this is all small beans and probably wouldn't last.

My big weight loss break came when I downloaded My Fitness Pal app on my iPod. It's basically a calorie counter where you long all your meals and excersise everyday. But the best thing about the app is that it gives you a personal daily calorie target and also deducts the calories you burn from whatever excersise you do. Couldnt be easier, it's almost like a game. if I want to eat more, excersise more. If I really want to get ahead, excersise and eat well.

So my regime now is:

Fruit for breakfast.
Omelette, scrambled egg, jacket potato or a healthy sandwich for lunch.
Fruit as a snack.
Sensible dinner.
Water, nothing but water.
60 minutes of dancing of 30 minutes jog everyday, no excuses.
100 sit-ups
25 push-ups
20 bicep curls on each arm

My eating rules are simply stay away from processed crap, zero snacking, as little alcohol as possible, and no Coke, water Only.


It really feels like I'm on the road to a blasted body at long last. How's my weight doing? Well I stated at 92.1kg and as of today I'm 89.5kg and falling fast. My ultimate goal is around the 70kg mark and to look hot... To be honest.

Im weighing myself on Tuesdays and Saturdays, I'll keep you all up to date, or friend me on My Fitness Pal. My user name is BigMakkusu.