Monday, 26 September 2011

Let`s Get Shitfaced on Rumham!!

There`s a lot on my mind but where to start.

Life update!

Still doing what I love, loving life, loving Koenji, and forever waiting for my visa to get the green light. School is great, preparing for sports day which is actually a big festival with lots of dancing and fun times. I`m joining the parents and director for a big Kara dance number, it will be awesome.

It`s been great having a room mate, and also a work mate for the past three weeks. He`ll be around for another two weeks, but we`ve been having fun times. We`ve been interviewing people for the job at my other school for the past forever, everyone has been unsuitable until Friday when Garth from Australia came for an interview. perfect guy and he started today. He`s under my wing for a week, but I can see he loves the kids and loves to get down and dirty. Perfect really.

My search for a love life goes on and on. 31 years 3 months and counting. I had the owner of a local bar trying to set me up, but she couldn`t find anyone suitable, and alas everyone else ever is just not interested. But I keep on looking and trying, surely someone one day will want to join me on the adventure that is my life, or maybe not.

Starfire was awesome as ever, as was SEF Deluxe. I think I love to dance parapara the more I do it. I almost felt personally offended when people at SEF didn`t know a bunch of new Starfire routines. Learn them dipshits.

The last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm was gold, and the first two episodes of It`s Always Sunny have been shit the bed funny. Rumham is just genius. Watch both if you have a funny bone.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Crazy On Emotion

Sup faithful stalkers.

I say stalkers because I interviewed a guy at my school for a job position and he knew all about me through my blog.... weird!!! Hello Aaron if you`re reading this.

The last couple of weeks have been fun gonzo times. My ex workmate and good friend David came over to Tokyo. He`s staying for just over a month and is basically my roommate. Really nice having someone around the house and especially at work, just nice to have an adult to talk to. Anyway we`ve been hitting Koenji and Nogata most nights for jub and yakitori delights, meeting lots of new people and just getting up to no good.

There`s a cracking little jub near my house we found, awesome friendly people and cheap beer. What more could you ask for. The Mama who half runs the bar has made it her mission to get me a woman, so next week me and David are going there for a kind of blind date thingy lol. Who am I to argue.

What about 9loveJ???

Ohhhhhh the woe that it is. It`s no more. 9J is gone.

Ok so we still have 9loveJ but it`s no longer a para event. It`s no merged with a huge otaku and dance night in Ginza. When we got there last week there were massive lines to get in and we couldn`t see any para people. It was the weirdest thing ever. Inside was a heaving mass of otaku`s and no para. After awhile we found a set of stairs going to a bassment bar and a tiny dancefloor that was playing a mix of dance, jpop and about 3 para songs. All the para crowd were down there but it sure wasn`t a para night. After awhile we all just got down with the otaku music and a whole lot of AKB48. It was however all you can drink and it wasn`t long before 20 glasses of wine were on the table and drinking games started.

It`s such a shame to lose a big para event, but it is a fun event in it`s own right. I doubt we`ll ever see any more lessons or dvds from 9loveJ ever again. Ah well, Starfire, SEF, B-1, and a bunch of smaller events live on. Starfire and SEF hold the key to the future of para in Japan. If they ever stopped... apart from my life being over I think para would officially die.

That`s all, move along.

Keep checking my youtube for all the lesson videos as ever. Sorry no Starfire lessons I was passed out in the toilet....