Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A K B....... 48!!!!

What an awesome weekend it was just, happy days all round. Koenji Matsuri, Starfire and the DVD release, and....


Yeah that`s right, I finally finally finally got to see my beloved girls live after entering the lottery at least 3 times a week for the last 6 months or more. I can now die happy.

I got invited by a friend to A-nation a few months ago and I`ve been looking forward to it so so much. Wasn`t much interested in the other artists tbh. Oh my God when the girls came out I could have died happy, and LEMON-CHAN!!!!! was in the lineup. I couldn`t believe that, she is like my favorite girl but isn`t very popular, but it was all the main Senbatsu like Acchan and Yuko, and then little Lemon-chan in the back. They sang 6 songs and just the big hits like Beginner, Ponytail etc, but that was more than good enough for me. Oh my god they`re so awesome.

I could gush all day, you get the point. Just amazing!

Apart from AKB48 there were loads of other artists like TRF, Koda Kumi, Ayumi, AAA and a million others. I thought most of them were rubbish performers tbh. Ayumi was soooooo bad, I felt offended at her performance. AAA made me want to kill myself. Koda Kumi was average at best. TRF made my ears bleed.

I really loved Moumoon, she was fantastic.

But I`d say apart from AKB the best performance by a mile was the special secret artist, and that was GACKT!!! Haha I couldn`t believe it. It was his new group Yellow Fried Chickenz and man alive did they put on a great show. Flames, sex, guitars, and Gackt just being Gackt. And to top it off they sang Vanilla, it was just like YES!!! when the intro came on haha. And I don`t even like him.... great performer!

Now to see AKB in their own theater and to meet Ami-chan <3

Apart from that cum fiesta of a day, the weekend bought us Koenji Festival. A huge matsuri featuring traditional dancing and of course, half of west Tokyo drinking their brains to death. I can`t say I remember much of it, flashes of trannies, and memories of people in my house drinking spiritus.... good times.

That evening was Starfire.... I was so So drunk when I got there, I spent the first half passed out on the bathroom floor but came around for the lesson. Great Starfire as ever, I think.

I`ll do a separate post about the DVD but you can download it now over at para-center.net. I`m actually really happy with my video, came out really well.

Tomorrow is the last day before the new school term starts. Summer school has been going as ever this week, with all of 10 kids, but today a bunch of kids came in before the start tomorrow. It was awesome to see Momo and Julia and my football boys. I can`t wait to see everyone on Thursday!!

By the way, everything is back to normal at school, everything is being chilled out again. PHEW!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

You can fly with me

What up nets.

Summer is in full mother fucking swing in Tokyo, everyday is like walking through a shield of butter. Constant 35c temperatures and 300000000000% humidity, but you get used to it. Whats the one way to combat such devilish heat? Go drink tequila in a river by the mountains you shit.

One of the highlights of the Japanese summer, well the two summers I`ve lived here now, is the mountain BBQ. Oh yes, good people, good food, good drink, THE RIVER.... it`s a brutal combination, and this summer as it happened the two big BBQ`s were on consecutive days and in the same spot.

It started with Starfire BBQ. Just one big river of tequila. You can`t beat sitting in the river with a bottle of tequila playing jan ken shots with everyone, it`s just a beautiful thing.

One of the booze beds...

After everyone left at around 5pm myself, Jasmine and Hiroshi stayed and drank in the river until it got dark and then had a little explore of the area before we spent the night by the river. Sleeping on a bed of rocks... not recommended. Some chunder moments later we were up bright and early and ready to meet the Bonkura BBQ gang for BBQ number two. Of course it got messy, I put my back out for a week, Ylva burnt herself more than a human being should ever EVER, and Jazz got blind BLIND drunk as ever.


Bonkura BBQ group shot.

In the riverrrrr

Me, Jasmine and Ylva <3

What else has been going down? Well apart from the usual clubbing, jubbing, boozing and living the dream, we hit up Campus Summit 2011.... because we got 50 free tickets and it was all you can drink. It was fun, me and Jazz got many strange stares for dancing to a little techpara set that was played. Jasmine was throwing cocktail bombs at egg models and we lost ever to the sea of gals. Standard stuff...

Made my bedroom into a darts bar... me and a mate are on a quest to become good darts players, but good while drunk. Expect to see us winning every league in the coming months. Of course you need darts names. Mine is Bobby Dazzler, and my my team mate is Terry Darts. Perfect!

Ah shit now Kevin is out of the country I better start recording the parapara lessons again... just thinking.

Work is still a little weird, but always getting better. I`ve had some problems over the last few months if you didn`t know. It`s just the Japanese work way. STILL waiting for my full work visa to be accepted. My lawyer has had to tweak and diddle the paperwork a few times so it`s exactly what immigration want. He won`t stop until he gets it me, which is pretty sweet. It`s just because I don`t have a degree that`s it`s taking so long, you wouldn`t believe how much work experience I have now... I now speak 4 languages, have done translation work, taught, and a million other jobs.

It`s actually the summer holidays at school, has been for about a month and continues until September 1st, but for some reason I`m working every single day. I`ve given myself a summer mission to repaint the whole school. Which in reality means I can laze about a lot and say I`m going to buy more paint when really I`m going for a beer. No but seriously I am on a mission and hopefully it will surprise and delight the powers that be and put me firmly in the good books when term restarts.

Woah earthquake, house shaker....


Not much planned for the weekend. It seems everything ever is next weekend, as always is the way. Koenji festival is Saturday and Sunday and could be deadly. Starfire is Saturday night, and of course the DVD release! Sunday is a bastard because it`s SEF deluxe and Avex Nation Concert. Avex Nation is where I finally FINALLY get to AKB48 live for the first time ever. I`ll probably faint.

What else? On a diet, or rather eating better and less. There was just an obscene amount of bread and Coke in my diet. Why? Because a gorgeous girl said she`d go out with me if I lose a massive amount of weight. What a bitch, but I can at least try.

I`ll love you and leave you