Monday, 10 October 2011

D-Day is coming.....

Tomorrow is it, D-Day. The day I find out if I get my full work visa or not.

I am nervous as shit let me tell you. Pretty confident I`ll get the green light, and so is my immigration lawyer. I have to get it otherwise my life in Japan is over, and this is where my life is. My job, my friends, my whole damn life. I would seriously have nothing to go back to in England. I went to immigration on Friday and I basically have 30 days left on my current visa. No way is October going to be my last month in Tokyo. How could I ever leave my kids??? I would cry myself to death, I couldn't do it, there's no way, just no way.

BUT... lets not think think that, I`m confident. Please pray for me tomorrow <3

Life changing day!

Life is pretty sweet right now. Adventures a plenty and good times at school. My German housemate just left the other day, it`s weird going back to living alone, but it`s all good.

Went to see a big fireworks bullshit in East Tokyo on Saturday, turned into an allnighter in West Tokyo drinking on the streets with a bunch of straight up Yakuza guys. They were chilled as shit though, chatting about all sorts of shit, including AKB48...

Speaking of AKB48.... I finally won a ticket to see them at their theatre last Sunday. Of course it was awesome. Six months of applying in that damn lottery and I finally got to see them. The best bit was chatting with them briefly after the show and hugging my favorite girl Miorin. I so wanted to give her my number but alas... security. Next time I`ll have business cards ready.

I`m thinking of starting a book, or a blog series more like, about how to life your life like a massive shit. As in me. I think pretty much everything I do and have done in life I`ve done it in the wrong way, but everything is golden, pretty much always. Anyways I have a lot of interesting and dirty things to share that would make for good reading. It`d also make me one hell of an open book.