Monday, 8 November 2010


Time in Tokyo, it's just one big blur. So much happens here but I can never remember quite what. I guess it's a life brown out... that's like a blackout but where you remember bits and pieces...


The whole of October was all about two things. Halloween and Jasmine's Birthday month. Yes, Birthday month. We celebrated it at almost all of the clubs we go to everyweek and dressed up at nearly all of them. Cake was had and thrown, many a brown out was had, and many an AKB48 outfit was worn.... The highlight of the month of Birthday probably being the house party where we were graced with the presence of our good para friends, Bancho and Fujimoto-san. Great party with far to much spiritus. I woke up with a tranny in my bed and a navaho on the sofa. Total blackout. What more could you ask for.

Highlight of my school month was a field trip to Kawagoe in Saitama, which is just north of Tokyo. We travelled to a potatoe picking farm where we all dug for sweet pototoes, had a picnic and just played about in the woods all day. I was assigned with the oldest kids for the day which was sweet, usually I'm with hiyoko year, the youngest kids. The bus rides on field trips are always so fun, everyone is so psyked, songs are sang and it's just a right good laugh. In a few weeks we're going on a trip to see a kids theatre show which looks a lot like the Tweenies. Should be good. For some reason I have to be suited up.

I'm planning a little diddle of a project of making a film of a day at my school. I'd love to show my friends and family what it's actually like and how awesome the kids are. Current favorite kid? Seina-chan, she's a comedy legend, makes me laugh so much. I have lunch with her every other day, have to make it look like I don't have favorites.... but when it comes to lunch I switch between four groups of girls. Anyway, look forward to my little movie.

I have to apply for a new passport seeing as I lost my original one the first week I was here... but it got me thinking my list of disgrace is pretty long already for only having lived here for ten months. Infact, this deserves a list. A list of disgrace and excellence!!

Passport... LOST.... DRUNK
Tooth.... BROKEN.... DRUNK
Glasses... BROKEN.... DRUNK x2
Kissed a married man... DRUNK!!!

Hmmm I'm missing a few bad ones. I mean last Friday night sums up the average night out. First izakaya, drunk as a brick. On to karaoke, booze hotline, to many milks, glasses broken, the room is a river of booze and chunder, get over charged, argue with the manager and almost get in a fight (this happens every karaoke...). On to bar number two.... brown out. Drink on the streets annoying the locals and getting moved on by the police. Bike home somehow.


But yeah, if para clubbing is not on the agenda then that's usually the plan or some variation of that. Saying that I really need some more interests and ways of meeting new people. Apart from my housemates and one or two others I don't have anyone to call on for good times, I'm not complaining oh no, I'm pretty lucky as it is. I would just like to meet some new people. How to do this is the question!!?? Well I was thinking how much I miss playing sports, mainly football and golf. So I might go check out some clubs to do with that. Get on it Beckwith.

Ok love life, what would you do if you were me? I really have no clue what to do. So if you were me, a clueless 30 year old virgin with zero experience in anything lovelife related..... what would be your move? I'm great with friends and people I know, and lets face it, I'm awesome. So help me out, what would you do??? This is the only part of life that I feel I haven't cracked. Let's get it done.

My visa process is in full swing. I have a immigration lawer on the case sorting it all out for me. He has a 98% sucess record and says I shouldn't have any problems. Even without a degree I can get a sponsered work visa, we're going down the path of me having three years teaching experience in England. Which obviously I don't have.... but it can be anything, volenteer work, private teaching, anything. I just have to supply references and tick the boxes basically. I may have to come to England to apply in person at the London Japanese Embassy, which is silly, but at the same time I would like to come back for maybe two weeks over christmas and new years. So that could work out nicely.

I'll leave you with my fave AKB48 video of the minute, so so cute.

Boomtown out....