Sunday, 23 January 2011

Take me back to Tokyooooooo

Long time no blog huh?

Well since I last posted Christmas and new years has come and gone, and I've flown half way round the world and back. Exciting!! But not really. Well I did get to go back to England for new years like I planned, but to be honest, it was a bit of a waste of time. Yeah I did have to do a visa run to get onto a tourist visa while I wait to apply for my full working visa rubbish (boring as shit). And yes of course it was fantastic to see all my friends over in England, but I couldn't help but feel like I was just treading water until I could come back to my real home, Tokyo.

So yeah I did have a nice new years with one of my closest friends, and good times were had. And no doubts it was awesome hanging out with my homeboy Tristan in his crackden. BUT I couldn't shake the feeling that I just wanted to get back to work and get on with life. My life just isn't in England anymore, I wonder if it ever will be again?

There was a little drama at Heathrow airport coming back. Because I only had a one way ticket to Japan, Japan Airlines wouldn't let me fly.... bunch of cunts! Most other airlines let you fly on a one way ticket but oh no, this was a no go. So their solution was for me to buy a refundable ticket from Tokyo to Korea for 650 quid.... bad times. So thanks to my Mum I was finally able to check in and and head home. Let me back up a minute though. I'd been staying at Tristan's for a few days before, and in his wisdom he gave the little present of a 'special brownie', a super loaded one I must say. A 'take a horse to the moon' loaded one. My little plan was to chomp this bad boy before I reached check in and then it'd kick in nicely and give me a much more interesting flight back. But with all the drama it started kicking in when I was trying to sort this ticket out... it took all my energy to stay on the ball. FOCUS!!!! But saying that, it was an epic flight back....

And you know what, the immigration guy at Narita didn't even care about a onward ticket.... dickheads!!

But it's great to be back in Tokyo with all my para jub loving friends. And going back to work was sweet, loads of the kids had missed me lots, and it's been so much fun getting back into the swing of things. We had a small playday at school on Saturday where each room had an activity going on. I was in charge of the English lesson room, where myself, Tommy from our sister school, and the Japanese English teacher we have boomed out 5, 20 minute lessons. I was left incharge of planning the lessons, so they were pretty fun. We had sections like 'Max's Yahata English'. Where I taught words and phrases the kids can say to me everyday. Things like 'pick me up' and 'play with me' and 'yo yo!!'. And there was some AKB48 themed musical statues games going on. Fun fun. And then the Dad's put on a show doing anything from comedy to magic to playing the harp. Impressive!! And then I did the final act, a parapara dance medley of course, which was clearly awesome, loads of kids came on stage and danced with me. YES!!! And I got a medal for it. Haha!!


I felt so ill all of a sudden I went into the office to sit down and fainted. Well they took my temperature and it was like the sun, I should have been dead. So the director took me down the doctors and got me all sorted out with meds, and since then I've been in bed feeling like I fell out of a plane without a parachute. PLUS I'm not allowed back to school until Thursday, how boring.

So belated happy new year and let's make this the best year yet! I know I will.