Tuesday, 28 September 2010


It's been awhile since my last post, things are great and maybe a little down at the same time, but mostly great here in Tokyo land.

My world is being consumed by my schools sports day festival which is taking place on Saturday. It's all very different to English sports days in the fact there aren't really any sports being done. No it's more of a dance festival than anything. Each year group is doing a big performance, the mums and dads are doing a dance, and the mums are doing a special AKB48 dance as well. As for me? I'm taking part in all three XD We've spent many days after school learning the AKB48 dance, well really the whole day is AKB48 themed.

YES!!! I do love me some AKB!!!

One of the mums has made me an AKB outfit with the skirt and little hat, it's gonna be boooooomtown all over the place! I'm playing the taiko drum as well during the day. It's gonna be so much fun.

Yeah school is just the highlight of my life right now which is a good thing, it really is that much fun. Over the past month David, who used to work at my school came here for a month holiday. It's been a hell of a lot of fun hanging out with him, we get along really well. It was nice having a male friend around, made me realise all my friends in Tokyo are women. AGGGGGHHHHH!!! We partied it up quite a bit and put on THE best school birthday performance in history. You see every month we have a school party to celebrate the kids birthdays of that month, and some teachers will do a play or dance. It's always a lot of fun. This month, me David and three sexy teachers did a big lio and stich para performance. We dressed up and decoracted the place and it was just awesome. The kids heads actually exploded.


I think I've been a little down lately about my love life.... which I never normally am. I think it's that everyone around me is just always love love sex sex, and I'm.... a brick. Would be nice to change my ways, but I don't know what I want so... whatever. But it has depressed me recently. Just to experience a date would be nice... I'm not asking for sex, or to even kiss someone, just dinner or something would be a step in the right direction.

On a brighter note, you know I've kinda realised over the past few months how lucky I am to be me in social situations. Now I don't want ths to come across as big headed, but I really don't have to do much other than sit back have a drink, drop in a few jokes and just be me, and people seem to really enjoy my company. I do consider myself lucky with this because I know a lot of people make so much effort socially and don't get much in return. I bet this sounds so up myself, but it's just something I've noticed.

Anyway gotta love you and leave you. Lots of dance practice to be had tomorrow and it's getting late. Oh and I got arrested for a stolen bike and nearly deported, but that's another story XD

River glasses finding victory!! @ a bbq in Saitama a few weeks ago.

Dancing at SEF clubnight. Love this picture!

Me and my housemate Jasmine doing what we do best!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Burning like fire!!

How much longer is this heatwave going to last??!!!!

It's been, well over three months now with the temperature constantly around 35c, in the past week it's topped 37c. CRAZY!!! It's supposedly the hottest Tokyo summer since the war. Add the intense humidity to the heat and it can get unbearable. On the plus side I've never been this tanned in my life, but man alive I can't wait for autumn to get here, then we can just relax and have a normal summer.

Actual photo of Shin Nakano where I live. INTENSE!!

School is back in full swing this week after the long summer break. I'm so glad. It's fantastic seeing all the kids again, all my little mates. The German guy, David, who I pretty much replaced at the school is back for a month and a bit. He's a really nice guy though, we get along pretty well. It's actually really fun having someone I can joke around with without any language barriers. It's also worked in my favor with the other teachers as well, because they see me laughing and joking with David and they all really like him, so they kind of see me just as my joking normal self. I've noticed they've really been making a lot more effort to chat with me. If you're wondering my Japanese is getting a hell of a lot better, but still needs a lot of improving. But it's at a point where I can understand most conversations and can at least get my point across. And I can read hiragana pretty much perfectly now. It's getting there!

Yay my kindergarten  <3

The pool on the roof with a spectacular view of Nakano/Shinjuku and on a clear day the mountains to the west. Love the pool!

It's coming to a point in my stay here where I have to think about my visa. So I'm on a working holiday visa that finishes in early February. My school are happy to sponsor me for a full working visa, but having only finished half my degree it will be difficult, but not impossible, and hey, if anyone can do it, it's me! You know what a lucky son of a mother fucker I am.... I'll get legal advice soon to find out all my options and go from there. But you know I'm not leaving anytime soon. The thought of leaving my kids..... breaks my heart.

So what have I been up to lately in Tokyo? Ahhhh you know, the usual. Clubbing, drinking, clubbing, eating and sunbathing. There's still a ton of things I have on my to do list in Japan. Things like Fuji and Kamakura. Maybe number one on that list is going to the beach and just spending the night there with a bottle of bourbon and a good book. Something I may well do this coming weekend. I really want to break my routine and just go to some random places off the beaten trail. Saying that, this week looks like school and clubbing, and who am I to complain XD

Lots of love from Tokyo. Always living the dream!