Monday, 30 January 2012


This could well be the week I've been waiting what seems like forever for. This is the week I'm due to get a decision on my visa from Japanese immigration. I'm pretty confident in it being a positive outcome. Myself, my lawyer and my school have made sure we hit all the points immigration are looking for, really they have no actual reason to turn me down, only the 'just because' reason. Damn that would be harsh. But yeah, it looks good, they asked my school for one last bit of information two weeks ago after nearly three months of processing. Got to be a good sign. So fingers, toes, and bollocks crossed they do the right thing, and then it's just a matter of the certificate of eligibility being sent to England followed by a short trip to London to get the visa in my passport. The second that's done I am out of here!

It feels like forever since I was getting on with my life in japan. I had no plans to be away for three months I can tell you that. The hardest thing has been not getting to comfortable here, the reason why I haven't got a job or made much of any effort to see friends here. I know that's a bit stupid, but I wanted to keep my eyes on the prize. My place is not here, I have remind myself sometimes. Of course when I've been at the football recently and shopping at those familiar local shops it sometimes does feel all too comfortable. But the second I hear from immigration I'll forget that feeling and 'real' life will come flooding back into that scrap of meat I call a brain.

After the whole Narita disaster I  fell into really deep depression until just after new years, it wasn't until January 4th (yeah I know the exact date) that I dusted myself off and thought "well if I've got another month minimum to wait I might as well do something productive". So I decided to do two things, firstly get serious about my disgusting fat body, and secondly work really hard on my Japanese because it was a bit of a joke. To be fair it was ok, but most people I know in japan are somewhat fluent through school everyday, or they are making the effort to get there. If there's one big change in my thinking this year, it's to think if that person can do it, so can I. No excuses. This is a year to stop being a pussy and take what I want! I actually started thinking like that after watching the film 'Limitless'. You know where he takes the pill and his brain starts functioning at full capacity, and he thinks 'how did I live like that'? Well I'm not saying that inspired me in anyway, but that's how I'm thinking now. If some people can have a body like that, why can't I? If people I know cab be fluent in a language through hard work, what's stopping me? Nothing that's what!

So my goals are, and I will not fail:

Body like Ryan Gosling and Rafael Nadal
Be on the road to fluency in Japanese by the time I return. This means finishing book 2 of Japanese For Busy People, and have the top 1000 most frequently used words locked down.

No excuses, no problem!

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